NitrousWhip 640g Cream Chargers Tank | Large 0.95L Tanks


NitrousWhip 640g N2O cream charger tanks.


Each tank comes with a plastic pressure release twist valve.

Call or text if you want to buy a larger amount. 

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NitrousWhip Large Cream Chargers (N2O). 640g N2O Cylinders

This is a PREMIUM product!

These are pure, N2O (food-grade) cream chargers.

Each 640 g giant cream charger is about equivalent to 100 cream chargers once you consider gas loss due to the gas leakage that occurs when using the small 8 gram cream charger bulbs.

These maxi cream chargers (640 g) are flavour less and odourless which makes them perfect for making of specialised cocktails and nitrous flavour infusions that also require a larger amount of nitrous.

High-quality chargers that are designed for commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and home use.

Due to the larger amount of Nitrous Oxide in each canister, these larger size cream chargers can out perform other cream whipping and nitrous infusion methods such as hand whipping and more modern smaller 8g cream chargers.


Requires regulator and hose fittings to connect to a whipper dispenser. Each tank comes with a screw in plastic pressure release valve. Ensure that the tank is completely empty before disposal.

Call or text if you want to buy a larger amount. 


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